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You are finally done with the project. Heart rate is slowly going back to normal, taking those deep breathes recommended by all the gurus from the Youtube stress management videos.. I will just check my emails before heading to the pub to celebrate you say..

And there it is - the big bold BUT I do love the project but could we just see how it looks with a little bit wider windows.

Good luck with changing all the type parameters manually ! And do not forget to rename. It's just a tiny change to the project isn't it?

TOUGH LIFE. We do hope you will find this script useful and will save some time for that nice cold pint you deserve. Even if this all takes a while to understand or you are new to the Dynamo world- please take this as an encouragement to figure it out. You will spend some time on self learning but we can guarantee you will get it back as soon as you will start automate repetitive tasks.

Because this is a blog and we still have some freedom of expression left - love programming, hate outsourcing ! Yes, exactly - we are not interested in your amazing services if that is why you are here. In house only - proud of the quality we deliver!

Automate change of the type parameters, renaming and the best - REAL TIME RENDERING WITH JUST ONE CLICK!