Painting by the Level

Quality Assurance Tool

Download the Script File

KR BIM Limited is using the script you will find below as a quality assurance tool. The aim is to SAVE the time and to SPOT the mistakes.

Lets call it the double S tool.

I believe you know this feeling - just received the outsourced Revit Model, you are already stressing out because its way too late after the deadline, just one look at it - Oh Sh**. And here they are - countless hours of fixing and remodelling. This is the main reason why KR BIM Limited does not outsource any projects. But that's another story....

So let's get back to the point :

The script is going to work with the information about the base levels of the following elements: doors, walls, windows. The next step is - paint by the level. KR BIM Paint by level script is clever enough to detect a mistake. The element that is not on the right level will stand out straight away by being painted in a different colour than the other elements on the same level.

You just have won the amazing price - your time!

Imagine how long it will take you to check every element to spot those few silly mistakes.

As a team we do hope you find this useful , come back to our website time after time to check out more scripts.

Before the script has been used. Every element has the level assigned. You can not really see weather you have any mistakes without checking the each element separately.

After running the script the building is painted by the level. As you can see one of the walls stands out. So the only thing left for you to do is to change it's level to the correct one.

This is how the script works step by step

Phyton Script for collecting WINDOWS DOORS WALLS